Rome Mom / Resin Legs
1 The first and main question: "How are you?" This is a favourite question of all in Russia at the meeting. )

Lena: Busy which is a good thing. Feeling very creative. Using all the crazy moods I get into the music we’re making. Its my release.
Maya: I'm very well thank you! and pretty excited about where this year is going to take us.

2 Tell us about yourself. All that you want. Unlimited) How do you describe yourself to people who never heard about She Is Danger? Why this danger name you chosen? )

Lena: Since me and Maya met we’ve made a lot of music. Whenever we meet we make a new tune. We’re both big dub lovers and play a lot of instruments so between us we have a lot of ideas flowing. As well as having a lot in common we are also very different which is why it works to bring all our influences together. Why She Is Danger? Choosing a band name can be tricky but this one just popped out in conversation and we felt it summed up what we do … The opposite to danger is safe and our music is defiantly not that. We incorporate a lot of darkness in our sound. And lets face it women are dangerous creatures

3 It's really interesting, How did you meet? When started your musical career?

Lena: Through a friendship circle… It’s not often you meet a girl who has so many skills so it made sense to unite forces and see where it would lead.
Maya: From the first collaboration we did, we knew the creative chemistry was good. Since it worked so well, we decided to join forces and have been working together seriously for the last year and a half or so. We have so much material now and we never come out of a session without a new track.

4 What's it like to be a female duo on the stage that had captured by male? We have many female act in dubstep scene like Ikonika, Cooly G, but they make an "girls-sound", when you make a real harsh dubstep.

Lena: Its all about bringing a female approach into music and not relying on anyone else. We like harsh but generally prefer warmer sounds. To me music is a vice to escape and when I perform I just let go. We only have to look at each other to know what each other is thinking.
Our music is always evolving. We don’t want to be labelled as one particular genre as the more music we make the more we find our own niche no-one elses. Its so important to generate fresh sounds.
Maya: yeah we don't really want to pigeon hole ourselves. I guess our audience can decide what they wanna call it if they really wanna label us.

5 When do you understood, that you want (and can) make a music?

Maya: I've been producing music since I was 15. I'm 22 now so that's 7 years. Ever since I started, I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life and haven't looked back since.
Lena: I’ve been making music forever. I played in bands since school days and created 2 albums. I just always knew what I wanted to do.

6 Question which interest to everyone: Tell about what we need to wait. Something about yours future releases, remixes. (After "Hurt You" EP) Maybe some facts about your LP ?

Our massive Attack Remix of “Girl I Love You” has just been released and other remixes we’ve done are up on line. We’ve recorded a lot of tunes and have chosen the best ones for the album. It may be “Come With Me” and a cover of Eurythmics' “Who’s That Girl’ next in the pipeline.

7 The sound of your tracks and your remixes are very different. In what style will be your album

bass and song orientated with a minimal approach. Trippy sounds with splashes of colour from electronic warped and organic sounds.

8 You looks like a brutal women... But you are from London - city of fasion... Do You follow the fashion trends in clothing or dress in comfortable?

Maya: Yes I'm brutal indeed! Haha no I'm nice really. But only to nice people! As for fashion, I'm not really one to follow trends. I dress myself however the hell I want to really. What I wear is important to me as it's an expression of myself.
Lena: I guess there are a lot of trends in London. I like to mix and match and custom clothes. I dress how I feel and I feel different most days.

9 How could you describe your music? What colour or smell?

Maybe silver and purple because I love those colours. Maybe the ocean at night

10 Tell us what you think about the current condition of electronic music.
who of some bands / artists / producers, in your opinion, is most interesting now?

Lena: It varies I’m hearing new people all the time. I’m stearing towards sounds which are new and not a recycled copy of older styles… some do stick out like Sigur Ros, Burial, Martyn and Rhythm and Sound.
Maya: As a DJ as well as producer I like to keep my ears open to a lot of different sounds all the time. When it comes to electronic dance music, I'm more into the underground/experimental stuff as opposed to the commercial side of things. I'm not into producers that just follow trends. I respect any producers that have their own sound and aren't afraid to be different. I generally listen to a lot of different things though. I'm influenced by a lot of different genres and get bored just listening to select things.

11 Whose music has influenced your creativity? What you liked to listen in childhood? Please write a few your favourite artists and albums.

Lena: I’ve listened a lot to Jazz, Soul, Funk, Dub, Reggae, Trip-hop, and so much more the ones that come to my head now are: Airto, Grace Jones, Betty Davis, Bob Marley, Tori Amos and Bjork,…. oh the list could go on forever. I tend to have my ears open and soak it all in and sometimes I just turn music off and listen to the world around me.
Maya: My parents' music tastes were very diverse so I grew up hearing all kinds of sounds from Dub, Reggae and Punk to Jazz and World Music. In my early teen years I listened to a LOT of hip hop. I loved Missy and Timbaland, Nas, Pharcyde and a lot of old school Hip Hop like A Tribe Called Quest and Digable Planets etc. I also started getting more into things like Trip Hop, Drum & Bass, House and Techno.

12 Write some words about place, where you make a music. Whats things you use to make a music?

Lena: We go round to each others flats. When I go on the tube to Maya’s I take my keyboard, effects and melodica. We’ve made music in squats I’ve lived in and other community spaces like in what use to be church but is now an arts space. It has got a great vibe especially at night
Maya: I make nearly all of my music in my flat. I use Logic and just work on a pretty basic set up. You can have all the equipment in the world, but if you don't have the ideas then it's useless.

13 Do you have a plan to visit Russia? Your Russian fans very love you and waiting.

Lena: I’ve never been to Russia and would very much love to. Thank you for the invitation
Maya: Hopefully soon!

14 And last question...: "If you have a chance to change something in your life, what it's be?"

Lena: Nothing. Without the suffering I would not be who I am today.
Maya: Definitely wouldn't change anything as every part of my life is what makes me who I am. But there's plenty of things around the world that I would change if I could.

15 And... can you write some words to your Russian fans?

Lena: We’re coming and we want to party with you
Maya: I heard Russians are party animals. Definitely coming to join you sometime.

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