Rome Mom / Resin Legs
1. The first and main question: "How are you?" This is a favorite question of all in Russia at the meeting. )

I'm doing good thanks, just getting in the festive spirit and that, you know..

2. Tell us about yourself. All that you want. Unlimited) How do you discribe yourself to people who never heard about Blue Daisy?
Why this name "Blue Daisy" ?

I don't describe myself to people, I can't describe myself to people, I just lead them to my myspace to make a judgment for themselves, that's the only way, Plus I'm pretty shy and don't communicate unless I really have to..Haha..

Blue Daisy came about at a time where I was searching for a new name as my sound was transcending into a new realm so too I thought I needed a name that would work with it.. After a lot of brainstorming I still round up with nothing until one day I was walking through my local park and came across a flower that looked like a Daisy(don't know if it was) but nevertheless it seemed to stand out amongst all the other flowers around it, in it's own patch of grass, at this point my poetic instincts kicked in and I interpreted this to be a sign of individuality. Amongst repeated action there stands that autonomous individual who chooses not to follow but prefers to remain an outcast in society, a product of it's own, the grass which he stands is green which can only represent greatness of things to come.. That's a shortened version of why I operate under the guise of Blue Daisy.

3. Question which interest to everyone: Tell about what we need to wait. Something about yours future releases.

Ahh, I've got so many plans for the future, some which still remain plans and some which have molded into reality, one being the completion of my collaboration full length with LaNote (Space ex vocalist) which we hope to drop by mid 2010 on Black Acre, this project is called La Fleur Bleue, which means "The Blue Flower" in french, Also got my next release in January(date not confirmed) but that is a release that features an amazing talent from Birghton Anneka, check her at myspace.com/annekamusic , she's awesome.. This release consists of two tracks we have worked on so far and a remix, I'm excited about this release, should be a good one..
Got another project in the working with my boi HeyZues(ObbaSupa) check him at myspace.com/hey2themister
And so much more in 2010 that you'll just have to wait and see.. : )

4. Maybe you will try to make a music on different styles? Trance or Rock Opera? ) Your Strings Detached EP is much different than Space Ex, more experimental. What is the reason of sound changes

Haha, Rock opera sounds like a plan in due time..But yeah, I'm always experimenting new styles, I don't like to box myself in one sound, it gets boring after a while, but also because I make music that represents how I feel at a certain time, so if I feel angry you'll know by the kind of tracks I make, same way if I feel peaceful etc. So the sound change is not me trying to be something I am not it is merely the way I felt at the time of making the EP. I want to surprise the listener at all times, I don't the listener to know whats coming next..Where's the excitement in that.. It's like knowing what your presents are for christmas at the beginning of the year, whats the point, there's no fun in that is there ??.

5. How could you describe your music? What color or smell?

My music is hard to describe.. But ‘Imagine yourself in a box, a normal four-by-four box, and you’re sitting in there, and you’ve got little holes to breathe….and different atmospheres are coming in- you’ve got the cold air coming in, the hot air coming in, and it overwhelms you. You pass out and wake up again in the same box, but that box becomes a new world. So now, where you’re sitting, it’s not a box anymore, the box becomes what you want it to be- it becomes your world, a world of fantasy, a gateway to peace. And that’s what I try to represent in my music; you’re listening to my music but I don’t want you to just listen to it, I want it to grab you and take you on a ride of fantasy and delusion.’

6. Do you know something about Russian culture? Maybe your listened about russian music? )

Ha, Nothing my friend.. Though I have heard that russians drink vodka to keep warm or the heal from colds and stuff..haha..I don't know how true that is but I like that picture..Haha..

7. Tell us what you think about the current condition of electronic music.
who of some bands / artists / producers, in your opinion, is most interesting now?

Electronic music is strong right about now, it's competitive and keeps one on their toes, there so many good stuff that has come out in 2009 its quite nuts.. Though some artists/producers who I'll rep all day are Eglo's Floating Points,Illum Sphere , Architeq, James Blake, King Cannibal, Golau Glau (Watch these guys trust me www.myspace.com/golauglau ) Shuanise, KidKanevil.. The list can go on but lets stop there..But lets not obviously 4get my Black Acre fam, Akira Kiteshi and Fantastic Mr Fox...

8. Whose music has influenced your creativity? What you liked to listen in childhood? Please write a few your favorite artists and albums.

To honest I wasn't a youngster who was into music, I was a real road rat..haha.. I was just interested in girls and fights..haha.. But at this moment in time I listen to a lot of Grouper, Fever Ray, Soap and Skin, Wildbirds and Peachdrums, Peter Broderick, Damon Albarn, The Prodigy, Aphex Twin.. To many, this list can go on 4ever..haha

9. When do you understood, that you want (and can) make a music?

I got into making music when I was around 18 after listening to Kanye West's 1st album College Dropout..Finny considering my sound is nothing like that..haha.. But yeah, I just (like a million other producers) did the whole late nights, missing classes and all that stuff just to make music.. Kinda made me a recluse, I think I still am..haha.. Trust me, I plan to build a house in the middle of nowhere one day and just make music..No joke.. Maybe in the middle of a forest of something..haha

10. Do you have a plan to visit Russia? Your Russian fans very love you and waiting.

Once an invite has been put to me I'll be over there like a bullet..

11. And last question...: "If you have a chance to change something in your life, what it's be?"

I'll change the hands of time and wish that I got into music earlier rather than playing the fool in the streets

12. Because this article will publish on New Year eve, can you write some words to russuan people? Maybe congratulate with the new year?

Thank you to all my fans in russia for their support.. Much love and go into the new year with the heart of a warrior and DRINK A LOT OF VODKA..HAHAHAHA..!!..ZZZOOPPP...!!

Blue Daisy..

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