Rome Mom / Resin Legs
1. The first and main question: "How are you?" This is a favorite question of all in Russia at the meeting. )
Tell us about yourself. All that you want. Unlimited)

I'm GREAT!! So tired from the tour and adjusting to the time zone here at home. About me..hmm I am Lo, a scorpio. The best there is, haha! I want love from everyone, and peace in the world. People say I am crazy, they are probably right.

2. Question which interest to everyone: Tell about what we need to wait. Something about yours future releases.

We are in the process of recording our 1st full length album, it's called "Ride or Die".
13 tracks and we are making a video for each track! The album is due spring 2010.
All of that is taking lots of time, (probably why I am so late to reply, don't hate me!)
And also new merch and collabs for our webstore.

3. Please, say some words about cancellation of your gig on "the Modern Sky" in Beijing? Maybe you will be able to clarify why this happened? (We live on Far East and want to travel to China on your gig) What are your thoughts about this?

The beijing government decided that no outside performers were aloud. Thats about it.
Oh, and we were supposed to not talk about it....Or they won't ever let us in the country....
But, I don't care. I was so sad! We really wanted to play Beijing. It was one of the main reasons we did the Diesel World Tour

4. How could you describe your music? What color or smell?

Our music is magical, The color is obviously pink, maybe some sparkle in there! Flowers?
I do love flowers...maybe Peonies? They are my favorite!

5. Do you know something about Russian culture? Maybe your listened about russian music? )

I know they are great ballerinas, ha and also one of my favorite artists is from Russia, Doping Pong. Lately I have been reading about human trafficking and the Russian mob.
Pretty crazy stuff! Russian women are some of the most beautiful on earth but the stories
are so sad...

6. Do you have any Japanese roots, or you just really love Japan? You sing in Japanese on C.Y.O.A., the name of one song (from Kitsune 7) in Japanese write, the latest EP is named Heart Japan, that you can say about it?

Ever since I was a kid I was in love with anime, japanese toys and culture.
CYOA! Was our 1st song..I thought it would be awesome to bring revolution and chaos to Japan a country that thrives on structure and order. The youth in Japan are wild and they love dance music so 3 years after we started things
are finally happening there for us. We have an EP that came out last month in Japan only. It's called "Heartsrevolution hearts Japan ep"

7. Tell us what you think about the current condition of electronic music.
who of some bands / artists / producers, in your opinion, is most interesting now?

I really dont like electronic music, but we really love " Jackson and his computer band"
He makes amazing music and we respect what he does. It is strange...ever since Justice
it seems the world is all making copy cat music. People seem to scared to create what they love and believe in so they try and follow the formula of the ones who have gone before them...

8. Whose music has influenced your creativity? What you liked to listen in childhood? Please write a few your favorite artists and albums.

The strokes are my favorite band. Ben loves them too. I grew up on riot grrrl music, punk and hip hop.
Growing up in Los Angeles those were the things that were popular back then. We both share a love for classic 60's music, girl groups, motown...We don't really listen to new music but Julian Casablancas from the Strokes just released a new side project called Phrazes for the Young that is pretty amazing!!

9. What do you think about blogs? How do you react if you accidentally find a blog, which posted your songs?

Im flattered that people are still posting things since we really havent given anything new to them in a bit. Sharing music doesn't bother us. If we had it our way we would give our music away for free. We look to more innovative ways to make money to survive, with the ice cream trucks, our online store, touring, etc.

10. Do you have a plan to visit Russia? Your Russian fans very love you and waiting.

Um we dont but you never know! Aww we love our Russian fans! I hope we come in 2010! Thanks for your interest in our project...

11. Please, write some words for your Russian Fans.

Russia we love you and your amazing energy! We cant wait to come and share a good time with you one day!!!

Interview on Russian with songs: electrocircle.ru/2009/11/heartsrevolution/