Rome Mom / Resin Legs
1. The first and main question: "How are you?" This is a favorite question of all in Russia at the meeting. )
Not bad, thank you :) It’s a busy time with a lot of gigs coming up and the album coming out soon, but I’m looking forward to the moment it’s released.

2. Tell about what we need to wait. Something about future releases. Tell us some words about your new album? What is his mood?
The album is called Unbalance and will be out early November. It will sound very different from previous releases, less ‘electronic’… most of it is sample based, a bit like a collage. During the creation I often listened to late 70’s/early 80’s disco and funk and that vibe crept into the album.

3. How could you describe your music? What color or smell?
Last 2562 album Aerial was greyscale (like one of the track titles). The new one, Unbalance, to me feels like a deep, blood red. Like a journey inside the human body. The human body as a parallel universe, a micro-galaxy you can travel in.

4. Tell us what you think about the current condition of electronic music?
who of some bands / artists / producers, in your opinion, is most interesting now?

For me, some modern musicians that are doing very good things are Actress, Martyn and Shed. Many more too, but I can’t list them all :)

5. Whose music has influenced your creativity? What you liked to listen in childhood? Please write a few your favorite artists and albums.
Recently music produced by people like Arthur Russell and Leroy Burgess really inspired me. Quality disco and boogie stuff… and generally, I’ve always listened to house and techno a lot, since I was a kid.

6. Your music is very atmospheric. Tell me please, what the atmosphere is formed around you, when you make a music?
The place where I make music doesn’t really matter to me; the atmosphere is not depending on the city I live in or the room I produce in. It’s what’s going on in my head that dictates the vibe. Past year has been very hectic for me, maybe the music on Unbalance reflects that. It’s a bit moody, restless… more dense, less spatial.

7. Do you have a plan to visit Russia? Your Russian fans very love you and waiting.
That’s sweet :-) I was in Russia for two gigs November last year, in Moscow and Tyumen. It was a very speedy trip, only 48 hours, but it was a great experience. The organisers and party-people in both places were really kind and music-minded. It would be cool to visit again some day.

8. Please, write some words for your Russian Fans.
You are the best party people. Keep on dancing!

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